Sunday, March 7, 2010

week 4

I made a Wee Mee for my Skype page-here it is. Short brown hair & light eyes for me, longsleeved, simple white shirt and white pants w/open toed for the weather and the region, and the monkey because it is how my husband and sister affectionately insult each other. I like it, but on Skype, it didn't "read" well. Looks much better here... I registered for LibraryThing many moons ago, at Susan Modak's urging. I thought it would be great for personal "If you like this, then you'll like" recommendations, and for helping me organize my home library when the time came. Well, working in a library cured my need to know what to read next-I always have too many things I want to read. But, actually, I think when I get back to public library work, I may reset mine to reflect the tastes of our thriller & mystery readers. Although, many of them already know what's out there and have just read everything already! As for the home library-we had to pack it up twice in the last 6 months. We did a rough sort, which worked out better than anything else we've tried in 15 years of combined book collecting, and differing collecting styles. My Rollyo account collects, what else, the Doha websites I consult several times/week-1 for tides, 1 for weather, 1 for all the people in David's office that I have to ask for help at least 1/week each. Thanks folks!

Week 4

Got onto a Qatar Calendar blog, my friend Emily's professional blog and the Teen Blog from PG County. Did get onto something (Project Runway-What-they don't show it here!) that was giving me 8 feeds at a time. Backed out of that fast! I can see that if you were in business, were a parent, were politically active, planning a wedding-this kind of thing would be invaluable! We'll see if I find a use for it...

Week 3 - iPod Shuffle

The thing that's interesting me/driving me crazy this week is my iPod shuffle. Yes, I finally gave in and got one despite the potential damage to my already damaged ears. I figured I could listen to it in the house and the car without using headphones. I stuffed it before I left Maryland for Doha, and had hoped to make some awesome libraries-Bowie Only, Funk, Boston Local AND to be able to upload more here, and get audiobooks. HAH! The durned thing won't talk to my new computer (a Snappy red Dell Inspiron notebook, TYVM 8.) ) I can log into the iTunes library, but then I get a message that says that I'm already registered and will need to erase everything on "Miriam's iPod" before I can do anyhting with it. Any ideas?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm Baaaack!

Well, 2 months later, I can post again because Andrea from Olney helped and because I got my gamil account straightened out.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

First 23 Things

Hey Y'all The hardest thing about the first assignment is that I'm on a strange (to me) computer, and it doesn't have any sound, so I can't listen to the podcast. I'll do that later when I'm at home.